Ministers, Elders, Deacons

tye zola


Tye serves to share the story of Jesus.  He serves as our main preacher, teaches several of our adult Bible classes, helps to coordinate events, and works with our visitation and prayer ministries.  

Zac Erisman

Youth Minister

Zac serves as our Senior Youth Group Minister.  His joy in leading young people to know that they are fully loved and fully known by God is evident in the Bible lessons he teaches and the events he coordinates.  This ministry is available for teens in 8th-12th grade.

Megan Ryan

Jr. Youth Ministry

Megan serves in our Jr. Youth Ministry we call NextGen.  This ministry provides Bible classes and events that invite 5-7th graders into life in the Kingdom of God.

Tom Condict


Tom and his wife Glenda serve as shepherds...

Clyde Hopper


Clyde and his wife Gwen serve as shepherds...

Ben Lane


Ben Lane has served as an elder at Rocketdyne Road Church of Christ since March 2008.  Ben was baptized into Christ in 1983 at Stafford Church of Christ in Stafford, Virginia.  He married his wife, Susan, in 1968.  They met in Aberdeen, Washington in 1967 when Ben was stationed at Pacific Beach, Washington.  They have one son and two grandchildren.  Ben retired from the U.S. Navy in 1991 after 28 years of service. 

Kael Powers


Kael and his wife Tonna serve as shepherds...

Jim Pyron


Jim serves as a shepherd...

Earl Reynolds


Earl and his wife Kathleen serve as shepherds...

Ray Stipp


Ray Stipp has served as a deacon, then an elder for the Rocketdyne Road Church of Christ since 1987.  He married his wife, Alma, in 1966.  They have 3 children and 13 grandchildren.  Ray was employed as a banker for 34 years, retiring from Community Bank and Trust in 2014. 



Cory's serves as a deacon with a focus over our church vehicles and trailers.

Bryce Beeson


Bryce serves as a deacon with a focus over the Audio/Visual and Media Production ministries.

Sage Crane


Sage serves as a deacon with focus on our benevolence ministry and communion coordination/preparation.

Adam Lett


Adam serves as a deacon with a focus on hospitality.

Jason Stipp


Jason serves as a deacon with a focus on church finance.

Phillip Whiteman


Phillip serves as a deacon with a focus on security and benevolence. (He also wants everyone to know that he's met Steven Seagal).

Seth Wilson


Seth serves as a deacon with a focus on building and grounds.