Summer Camps

Summer camp is a time to have fun, learn more about God, and meet other teens who love Jesus. This year we have 3 camps for you to choose from and Tye will be attending each of these camps. Check them out, and make sure to sign up. Email Tye and let him know which camp you are interested in so he can get you the info and papers you need. Always remember, that scholarships are available, so don't let the weak economy hold you back from growing in Christ. All of these camps have limited registration, so you need to sign up ASAP. div

7.7.13 - 7.13.13 ~ Green Valley Bible Camp

This is a well known camp by older members at Rocketdyne. It is just outside Rogers, AR, so it makes it easy for first time campers to have their parents come and visit if needed. Be ready to play some softball, swim, and attend some great classes. div

8.4.13 - 8.9.13 ~ Little Prarie Bible Camp

Dub Erisman is directing this camp. It is in Rolla, MO. There will be classes, devos, swimming, games, and other activities. Most campers are from Missouri. div



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