This page is currently being dreamt of. I'm excited about having this tool in which I can communicate better with you and give you resources that I think you may need. I believe that a teens spiritual life is more about their relationship with their parents and God than it is with me. I'm just a tool, an instrument that you can use to help with this enormous job that God has given to you. So, please check this page often. I plan on putting links up to resources that I think you will find useful. Teach you about facebook and myspace. And making comments of my own. We will also have two seperate pages for moms and dads. I plan on creating events this summer in which both parents, and sometimes just the moms or just the dads will be present. These pages are not yet ready, but should be up sometime after work camp. Look forward to some camping trips the beginning of this summer.

Work Camp is this next week (June 1st-5th). I would love it if more of you showed up to help chaperone this great event. All throughout the week we will have Bible Studies over the book of Mark and Devotionals at night, led by the interns and Jimmie. Get a schedule from me and come participate in your teens life!!!



Creating environments where people are equipped and encouraged to point up, point in, and point out!


Teens and Parents